How To Maintain Your Mercedes Benz

Owning a Mercedes Benz is a great achievement in life. This is one of the most luxurious and high quality car model many people dream to drive. However, like any other car model, it is necessary to ensure you maintain it to last for a long time. Besides, by doing the right maintenance, you also do not incur a lot of money doing regular repairs. Note that there are specific ways you should maintain your Mercedes Benz, so you should not just do it the way you do on other models. The following are some of the top Mercedes Benz maintenance tips from car dealers Mildura that you need to follow.

Ensure the battery is connected well

Your Mercedes Benz will continue to operate correctly if the battery is connected well. With proper battery connection, it also means that it will start perfectly at all times. To maintain the right connection, you should remove the terminals and clean the posts using the recommended product. You can also use soda to clean the terminals. Get rid of the cleaning product using water and dry the posts thoroughly. If there is a need, you can also replace the terminals.

Brake pads inspection

Your Mercedes Benz comes with a manual that shows clearly how to replace the brakes. In most cases, it is indicated that you should replace the brakes after driving every twenty thousand miles. In case you drive your Mercedes Benz on roads, you will need to replace the brakes often compared to when you drive mostly on highways.

Keep the tires in the right shape

The tires should always be in proper condition. This helps minimise collisions as you spend time on the road. Keep the tires inflated by going through the manual to know the recommended tire pressure and utilising a gauge each month. Underinflated tires increase the risks of collision. It is also recommended that you rotate the tires as you change the oil and after driving every six thousand miles. Another way to care for the tires is to check alignment that can result in uneven tread if not corrected.

Changing the oil

Your Mercedes Benz oil is the blood of its engine. The oil must be topped regularly to make sure potential problems are avoided. You should use a dipstick to determine the amount of oil to be added. It is recommended to change oil after driving your car every ten thousand miles. Ensure that the oil does not turn black, and if you find it has already turned black, replace it immediately. The oil should be amber in colour but get black due to contaminants, heat or other chemicals. Be sure to check whether your Mercedes Benz is the type that requires synthetic oil.

It is also critical to check the coolant levels to make sure that the heat coming from the engine is removed to prevent potential problems. Check the user manual to understand where the coolant is located as you do the inspection.

You can also hire your mechanic to do the maintenance work on your behalf. They have the right skills and will advise accordingly.